Month: January 2017

A Simple, Mindful Way To Handle Stressful Situations.

So many times when we are in stressful situations, our subconscious takes over. The voice inside our head starts to chatter. "What if I fail this test?" "What if the interview goes poorly?" "What if I make a fool of myself on this date?" "What if I freeze on stage?" "What if I let my team down?" "If this doesn't go well, then..."

Master the skill of focus

What could you achieve if you were more focused? Would you be a better parent, husband, wife, manager, lawyer, student, athlete, writer, executive, artist, chef, lover… person? Mindfulness Meditation can help you get there.

Mindfulness meditation may have saved my life

Twenty five years ago, if you asked me what I would be doing today, I probably would have said, “Wall Street executive, real estate professional, or retired and working on my golf game”.I never would have thought that I would be a Mindfulness Meditation Instructor. But that is what I am doing now, and I really enjoy it.