Master the skill of focus

What could you achieve if you were more focused? Would you be a better parent, husband, wife, manager, lawyer, student, athlete, writer, executive, artist, chef, lover… person? Mindfulness Meditation can help you get there.


One of the core practices of Mindfulness Meditation is cultivating the ability to recognize when your mind has wandered off to thoughts about the future or the past. When you realize the mind has wandered, bring your attention back to the present by re-focusing on the breath or another anchor such as sound or the body.


Another important piece is “non-judging”. Each and every time you realize that your mind has wandered, understand that this is normal. Don’t get frustrated. Don’t judge yourself. In fact, congratulate yourself for recognizing that your thoughts have drifted, and firmly escort your attention back to the breath.

The Practice

Awareness that your mind has wandered from the present, and the ability to continually and non-judgmentally bring it back, is the practice of Mindfulness Meditation.

Our minds wander a lot. Research shows the human mind has anywhere from 50,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day. Unfortunately, the majority of those thoughts are recurring and negative. Keep in mind, that thoughts are… well… just that… they are just thoughts. Thoughts that will most likely never play out in reality. I think Mark Twain said it best. “Most of the worst things in my life have never actually happened to me.”

Once you are able to recognize when your mind wanders and you are able to bring it back, you will be more present. The more you practice meditating, the better you will become at realizing your mind has wandered. You will learn to bring your attention back to the present quicker and quicker. You will have less anxiety and stress, because you will not be incessantly, subconsciously ruminating about the future and/or the past.

By practicing Mindfulness Meditation, you are training the mind to be more present, more aware and more focused, and that will carry through to everything you do. What can better focus do for you?

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