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Master the Mental Toughness of a Navy SEAL

“Fear likes to be the frontrunner in the Grand Prix of life. But in the face of hope, it loses steam, especially when hope invites allies like focused attention, mindfulness, and inspiration to the racetrack as well.” — Srinivasan S. Pillay. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — The beginning of SEAL training is a six-week vetting process of sorts. Only people with very high IQs and in superb physical condition are selected. At the end of the six-weeks is a period called Hell Week. During Hell Week recruits get about four hours of sleep over a 60-hour period and spend long amounts of time in the water.

“There Is No Way I Am Not About to Die”

Inside the mind of someone in the midst of a severe, acute panic attack I’m sitting at my desk. I try to type an email. I can’t. My hands start to shake uncontrollably. Every time I try to type a letter, it’s impossible. My hands are trembling and useless. I wonder what is happening. I start to sweat profusely. Beads are pouring down my face and onto my desk. My heart is pounding so hard, pounding, like nothing I have ever felt before. My left side feels numb. I’m nauseous. My mind starts to race and race. What is going on?

I Move Slower, But I Get More Done – You may be asking yourself, “how is this possible?”

It seems like every blog post in my news feed is about productivity hacking. “Try these top seven apps for peak efficiency.” “Eliminate these five things to save time.” “Do these ten things to remove distractions.” “Do this to make daily progress toward your goals.” “Cultivate these five, morning habits to create your best day ever.” Many of those posts have interesting and actionable ideas. But the one thing that helps me get more done is meditation. When I meditate in the morning, my mind is clearer. I eliminate a lot of mental noise, and that makes me much more